ASTM WK45289

    New Specification for Establishing Confidence in Digital Forensic Results by Error Mitigation Analysis

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    1. Scope

    The purpose of this document is to provide a process for recognizing and describing both errors and limitations associated with tools used to support digital forensics. This is accomplished by explaining how the concepts of errors and error rates should be addressed in digital forensics. It is important for practitioners and stakeholders to understand that digital forensic techniques and tools have known limitations, but those limitations have differences from errors and error rates in other forensic disciplines. This document proposes that confidence in digital forensic results is best achieved by using an error mitigation analysis approach that focuses on recognizing potential sources of error and then applying techniques used to mitigating them, including trained and competent personnel using tested and validated methods and practices


    Error Rates, Performance Verification, Tool Testing, Error Mitigation Analysis, Data File Recovery Example, Systematic and Random Errors, Error

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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