ASTM WK44857

    Revision of C1327 - 08 Standard Test Method for Vickers Indentation Hardness of Advanced Ceramics

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    Active Standard: C1327 - 15

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    1. Rationale

    This document is up for its 5 year review, and we can take this opportunity to make some adjustments to keep it in accord with related standard, E 384, which formerly was known as Test Method for Microhardness of Materials. That was a master method, devised for metals, which had the critical elements of Knoop and Vickers hardness testing. It included things like the shape specifications for the diamonds, and how the machines were to be set up and calibrated. When we crafted C 1327 in the early 1990s, we coupled our standard to E 384 for the essentials, but included changes that were relevant to advanced ceramics. E 384 was revised in 2011 by ASTM Committees E04 Metallography, which had jurisdiction, and Committee E28 Mechanical Testing, which had jurisdiction of Test Method E 92, Vickers Hardness. It is now called E 384-11, Standard Test Method for Knoop and Vickers Hardness of Materials (2011). The proposed revision to C 1327 is to update it and bring it into consistency with E 384 as appropriate.


    advanced ceramics; cracks; indentation; microscope; Vickers hardness; Advanced ceramics; Hardness (indentation); Microscopic examination--advanced ceramics; Optical microscopy; Vickers hardness (HV);
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    George Quinn


    C28 (14-03)

    Ballot Item Approved as C1327-2015 and Pending Publication