ASTM WK44752

    Reinstatement of D6262 - 05 Standard Specification for Extruded, Compression Molded, and Injection Molded Basic Shapes of Poly(aryl ether ketone) (PAEK) (Withdrawn 2010)

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    Active Standard: D6262 - 12

    Developed by Subcommittee: D18.21 | Committee D18 | Contact Staff Manager


    Some of the technologies such as wireline systems lost favor with time. The guide has been simplified to show the predominant sampling equipment used today. Drawings have been improved and simplified.


    PAEK; plates-PAEK; recycled-PAEK; recycled plastic; rod-PAEK; shapes-PAEK; sheet-PAEK; tubular bar-PAEK;
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    Jeffrey Farrar

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