ASTM WK44665

    New Specification for Safety for Spinning Blades in Table Saws

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    1. Scope

    This specification establishes a product safety standard for table saws. This safety specification is reasonably necessary to eliminate or reduce an unreasonable risk of injury associated with table saws, namely, human contact with spinning table saw blades. In this specification, the design requirements for the protection of workers and the public from injury resulting from contact with spinning table saw blades are established. Purpose and Application The purpose of this specification is to provide common engineering criteria that shall be used in terminology, design, manufacturing, assembly, warnings, and programmed instructional material that addresses the hazards presented by spinning saw blades. The purpose of this specification is to require every manufacturer, importer, and private labeler of a table saw to issue a certificate that the product conforms to this applicable specification and to base that certificate either on a test of each table saw or a reasonable testing program. The purpose of this specification is to establish requirements that manufacturers, importers, and private labelers of table saws shall follow in issuing such certificates.

    No existing standard addresses human contact with spinning table saws blades. Accordingly, this specification/standard serves as a basis for the performance criteria for injury metigaton of table saws blade injuries In this specification, the basic types of mechanical action or motion that are found in table saws are discussed. Presented in this specification are the principles for the mitigation of unsafe conditions and an outline of certain principles of engineering and mechanical guarding criteria. No attempt has been made to distinguish between the merits of the various methods of guarding spinning table saw blades. Production requirements, size of stock, handling methods, personal preference, and other elements are of importance in making the final decision in mitigating unsafe conditions. There can be no question of the value of guarding spinning table saw blades through engineering. Any moving table saw blade creates a dangerous condition for which proper engineering to control the dangerous condition is what this specification addresses


    equipment; spinning table saw blade design hierarchy; spinning table saw blade; safety

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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