ASTM WK44593

    Revision of B591 - 09 Standard Specification for Copper-Zinc-Tin and Copper-Zinc-Tin-Iron-Nickel Alloys Plate, Sheet, Strip, and Rolled Bar

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    Active Standard: B591 - 15

    Developed by Subcommittee: B05.01 | Committee B05 | Contact Staff Manager


    1. Rationale

    Five Year Review


    copper-zinc-tin alloy plate; copper-zinc-tin alloy rolled bar; copper-zinc-tin alloy sheet; copper-zinc-tin alloy strip; copper-zinc-tin-iron-nickel alloy plate; copper-zinc-tin-iron-nickel alloy rolled bar; copper-zinc-tin-iron-nickel alloy sheet; copper-zinc-tin-iron-nickel alloy strip; UNS C40500; UNS C40810; UNS C40850; UNS C41100; UNS C41300; UNS C41500; UNS C42200; UNS C42500; UNS C42520; UNS C43000; UNS C43400; Brass plate/sheet/strip/rolled bar; Copper alloy plate/sheet/strip/rolled bar--specifications; Copper-zinc-tin alloy; Tin brass; UNS C40500 (tin brass); UNS C40810 (tin brass); UNS C40850 (tin brass); UNS C40860 (tin brass); UNS C41100 (tin brass); UNS C41300 (tin brass); UNS C41500 (tin brass); UNS C42200 (tin brass); UNS C42500 (tin brass); UNS C42520 (tin brass); UNS C43000 (tin brass); UNS C43400 (tin brass);
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    Work Item Status

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    Technical Contact:
    Thomas Pilkington


    B05 (14-02)

    Ballot Item Approved as B591-2015 and Pending Publication