ASTM WK44403

    Revision of D3771 - 03(2007) Standard Specification for Rubber Seals Used in Concentrating Solar Collectors

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    Active Standard: D3771 - 03(2007)

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    1. Rationale

    Section This section requires revision to a) update the information on the temperature of immersion water in xenon arc exposure apparatus and b) correct the information on the temperature of the spray water which is confusing to an auditor checking the laboratory conditions specified for the test. The current wording on spray water temperature contains both non mandatory language (typically) and a specific tolerance required (21 +/-5oC). Revise as shown below. Delete the original text shown as cross-outs and add the underlined blue text. The editorial changes to Note 5 below are suggested for clarification. Tables 1 and 2- Although resistance to solar radiation (desert outdoor exposure) or to simulated solar radiation (xenon arc laboratory exposure) is required, this require- ment is missing in Tables 1 and 2. Because the resistance is not to solar radiation alone, but also to other environmental conditions, including moisture and heat, it should be listed in the tables as Resistance to Environmental Conditions or to Simulated Environmental Conditions.


    concentrating solar collectors; preformed seals; rubber; sealing compounds; Rubber--specifications; Rubber seals--specifications; Solar collectors--specifications; Solar heating/cooling systems--specifications; Solar materials/applications--specifications;
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