ASTM WK44378

    Revision of B271 / B271M - 11e1 Standard Specification for Copper-Base Alloy Centrifugal Castings

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    Active Standard: B271 / B271M - 15

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    1. Rationale

    The elongation property of alloy C93700 is 15% for products produced by sand casting as specified in the ASTM B584. The elongation property of the same alloy, C93700 is also 15% for products produced by centrifugal casting per ASTM B271. The suppliers of the centrifugal casting are having difficulty to achieve 15% elongation. It is recommended by the suppliers that the elongation property be changed from 15% to 10% to make the alloy more manufactureable and reduce scrap rate for the centrifugal casting products.


    centrifugal castings; copper alloy castings; copper-base alloy castings;
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