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    Revision of F770 - 13 Standard Practice for Ownership, Operation, Maintenance, and Inspection of Amusement Rides and Devices

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    Active Standard: F770 - 15

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    1. Rationale

    ASTM Evacuation Standard F770 Rationale: 1.The purpose of this change to the standard (F2291 and F770) is to outline the steps needed for the amusement ride or device designer and owner/operator in developing plans for the evacuation of riders of an amusement ride or device should a stoppage of ride operation occur. It is necessary for the process to start with the ride designer and continue on to the owner/operator. An evaluation of the amusement ride or device and the potential occurrences will highlight areas in which evacuations may occur. The designer shall provide an analysis of the evacuation requirements and communicate the requirements within the operating instructions provided to the owner/operator. The owner/operator shall review these requirements and develop a plan for their unique site. 2.Designers of amusement rides or devices shall provide recommended procedures for the evacuation of riders during the course/cycle of operation which are the safest and easiest for both riders and owners/operators to perform. In most instances, this would be providing means to recover carriers, vehicles, boats, etc. back to the home or loading/unloading area to unload riders. In other situations, the use of evacuation stairs, walkways, catwalks, etc. could be used for the evacuation of riders in the event the vehicle may not be returned to the home position. All of the above methods will be referred to as Standard Evacuations as they will be using preplanned stairways and walkways specifically intended for this purpose. The Designers shall also include recommended procedures for the removal of riders in any location other than the load/unload area or preplanned stairways and walkways. These will be referred to as a Non-Standard Evacuations In cases requiring equipment to perform an evacuation (e.g. ladders, man lift, high reach) where that equipment is not provided with the ride, the Designer shall advise the owner/operator of the required equipment in the Operations Manual provided for the ride. The owner/operator shall develop a comprehensive evacuation plan for each Amusement Ride or Device based on the information provided by the Designer and accounting for local conditions. Equipment and Procedures need to be in place and practiced to effectively manage the evacuation of riders should the need arise. Examples can be as simple as practicing walking riders down a lift hill to as complicated as transferring riders to the ground using cranes, man-lifts, outside agency personnel, etc. In any case, this advance work will show what equipment and personnel are needed to perform the task of managing evacuations and allow the owner/operator to prepare for the operation of the amusement ride or device by having the necessary components and training in place. This ballot addresses the proposed changes to F770 as outlined in RED. Please consider only the text in the box when voting. The task group respectfully submits the following changes for consideration:


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