ASTM WK44109

    Revision of A920 / A920M - 07 Standard Specification for Steel Bars, Microalloy, Hot-Wrought, Special Quality, Mechanical Properties

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    Active Standard: A920 / A920M - 14

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    1. Rationale

    A29 now states in section 5.1 All requirements for austenitic grain size control in Section 5 refer to the size of the austenite grain which forms during a subsequent bar reheating operation at or above the recrystallization temperature. These requirements do not apply to, nor do they in any way control, the prior austenite grain size or the ferrite grain size of the bar in the as-rolled condition.. Since A920 is a hot-wrought bar intended for use in as-rolled applications and not intended for reheating, there is no purpose for grain size control requirements upon reheating.


    carbon steel bars; microalloyed steel; steel bars; Carbon steel bars/shapes--specifications; Hot wrought steel bars--specifications; Microalloy steel--specifications;
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