ASTM WK44089

    Revision of D3716 - 99(2008) Standard Test Methods for Use of Emulsion Polymers in Floor Polishes

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    Active Standard: D3716 - 14

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    1. Rationale

    Section F4.3.2 of the Form and Style of ASTM Standards states that a product supplier may be identified in a standard only when there is a single supplier. Section 7.1.3 identifies a specific supplier and apparatus model for use with D3716. Brookfield Engineering, the identified supplier, was a sole source for the required apparatus when the standard was first published. However, today a number of suppliers (see appended list) provide equivalently performing apparatus. It is proposed that standard D3716-99 be revised to reflect a generic apparatus description and procedure suitable to instruments offered by several suppliers.


    apparent viscosity; floor polishes; freeze thaw; polish; polymer emulsions; sediment; specific gravity; storage stability; total solids; Acidity, alkalinity, pH--detergent materials; Apparent viscosity; Chemical analysis--cleaning (detergent) materials/applications; Floor polish (water emulsion); Freezing and thawing--polishes; Polishes; Polymer emulsion floor polishes; Sampling cleaning materials/applications; Sediment content; Solids content; Specific gravity; Specific gravity--cleaners/detergents; Stability--floor polishes; Storage stability; Total solids; Viscosity--apparent;
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    Roger Blaine


    D21 (14-01)

    Ballot Item Approved as D3716-2014 and Pending Publication