ASTM WK43955

    Revision of F963 - 11 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety

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    Active Standard: F963 - 11

    Developed by Subcommittee: F15.22 | Committee F15 | Contact Staff Manager


    1. Rationale

    The existing The Curb Impact Test (Section 7.6) and Dynamic Strength (Drop) Test (Section 7.7) are difficult to implement, and do not address the point loading on contoured scooter decks. It is proposed that a drop test be implemented similar to the drop test specified in Roller Sports Equipment - EN 14619 Clause 5.5, only using a conformable mass (shot bag) rather than a 20 kg cylindrical mass. A three blow test, calculated to be 120 J of energy, will deform most scooters and is extreme enough to expose safety concerns with the design per section 6.1. It is also proposed that the curb test of EN 14619 2005, Clause 5.6 be adopted in its entirety, and replace F2264 section 7.6. This will test the front wheel with an energy of 135 J, utilizing a compact mass of approximately 13 kg as opposed to the unrestrained 91 kg mass currently in the standard


    Axles; Compression testing; Consumer safety specifications (infants/children); Drop tests; Edge profiling; Fore and aft stability; Health hazards; Helmets (toys); Impact testing--consumer safety; Labels/labeling; Lid support mechanisms; Mouth actuated toys; Paint surfaces; Projections; Puncture hazards; Safety precautions--consumer materials/applications; Stability; Teethers; Toys; Tumble tests;
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