ASTM WK43947

    Revision of E2774 - 11 Standard Specification for Evaluation and Selection of Venues for Environmentally Sustainable Meetings, Events, Trade Shows, and Conferences

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    Active Standard: E2774 - 11

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    1. Rationale The correct term should be usage, not performance since referring to the amount of energy consumed by the venue. With regards to energy, suggest changing the word performance to usage. Review rest of the standards to ensure consistency throughout as appropriate. A. and A. changing verbiage to site energy rather than source energy as it is more directly related (and controllable) to the venue, and achieves the same intended purpose. A. The term intensity needs guidance. Suggest adding verbiage -normalized per square foot or meter - after intensity. It is unrealistic for internal combustion engine use to be prohibited due to move in and move out of shows with forklifts, etc. Therefore it is suggested to remove the item OR adjust the wording to state: Combustion engines are permitted where proper ventilation is in place when these vehicles are in use. Need to clarify and contextualize definition of bulk as this is a subjective term. Suggest changing criteria to state: The supplier shall commit to reduce packaging of purchases and be able to provide specific examples of this at work.


    environmentally sustainable meetings; green events; green meetings; sustainability; venue;
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