ASTM WK43818

    New Test Method for Bending and Shear Responses of Pultruded FRP Composite Shapes

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    1. Scope

    To Develop Standard Test Procedures of Closed and Open FRP Structural Shapes Subjected to Static Bending and/or Shear, and also to Evaluate Rupture or Buckling Strength of the above Pultruded Sections. This standard is needed to compute rupture or local buckling strengths of composite sections under variety of load conditions. The standard will be used by pultruders of composite sections to test the rupture or buckling strengths and verify their test data with mathematical formula given in the standard. The users are: design engineers of structures made of composites as well as maintenance or construction engineers. In addition, the standard will serve as a sound legal document for any load-to-failure verification purposes.


    Glass fiber reinforced polymer composites; box wide flange channel sections

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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