ASTM WK43810

    Revision of E336 - 11 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Airborne Sound Attenuation between Rooms in Buildings

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    Active Standard: E336 - 14

    Developed by Subcommittee: E33.03 | Committee E33 | Contact Staff Manager


    1. Rationale

    A concern has been raised regarding appropriate significant figures for reporting sound absorption and reverberation time. A change has been approved for E1007 in this regard and it is proposed to revise E336 to make it consistent with E1007.


    airborne sound transmission loss; apparent sound transmission class; apparent transmission loss; field sound transmission class; field transmission loss; flanking transmission; noise isolation class; noise reduction; normalized noise isolation class; sound transmission coefficient; sound transmission loss; transmission loss; Diffuse sound field test; Impact sound transmission (building elements); Acoustical materials/applications; Partitions; Sound transmission--building materials/applications;
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    Noral Stewart


    E33 (14-01)

    Ballot Item Approved as E336-2014 and Pending Publication