ASTM WK43707

    Revision of D2699 - 13a Standard Test Method for Research Octane Number of Spark-Ignition Engine Fuel

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    Active Standard: D2699 - 13b

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    1. Rationale

    Rationale for Change: Engine standardization and validation by check fuels or Quality Control (QC) fuels are independent processes so for clarity the instructions for each should be handled in separate sections. The current method does not instruct the user to use quality assurance testing to monitor the precision and stability of the standard test method, given the significance of the method along with the dependency on operator compliance to the method (temperature tuning as an example) guidance on QC testing should to be added. The new QC section gives suggested frequencies and references D6299 to align the method with the D2 standard. The proposed additions do not alter the procedure or engine operation in any way.


    guide table; isooctane; knock intensity; n-heptane; research octane number; spark-ignition engine fuel performance; toluene standardization fuel;
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    D02.01 (13-07)

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