ASTM WK43680

    Revision of D6684 - 04(2010) Standard Specification for Materials and Manufacture of Articulating Concrete Block (ACB) Revetment Systems

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    Active Standard: D6684 - 04(2010)

    Developed by Subcommittee: D18.25 | Committee D18 | Contact Staff Manager


    1. Rationale

    The standard is being balloted for revisions to include: 1) a note regarding the use of a sulfate-resistant concrete mix when high sulfate concentrations are anticipated in soil or water; 2) Revise height:width:length dimensions for compressive strength testing of coupons or cylinders; and 3) addition of an appropriate manufacturing process control document to the list of referenced documents.


    articulating concrete block (ACB) revetment systems; channel; channel stability; erosion; erosion control; open-channel flow; revetments; Articulating concrete block (ACB) revetment systems; Cabled articulating concrete block (ACB); Channel stability; Closed-cell concrete blocks; Concrete construction materials/applications--specifications; Erosion control materials/applications--specifications; Erosion-resistant revetment; Exfiltration rate; Infiltration; Open-cell concrete blocks; Particle retention; Revetments;
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    Paul Clopper

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