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    New Test Method for Pole vaulting poles

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    1. Scope

    The test method for pole vaulting poles describes the method used to assign a weight rating to a pole vault pole.

    Pole vault poles are selected by their users based on the length and stiffness of the pole. The stiffness of the pole is currently determined by beam deflection methods. Each manufacturer uses a span specific to each pole length and then applies a load at the center of the span. The deflection of the pole is measured at the center of the span. The deflection measurement is then used to assign a weight rating for the pole. In high schools, pole vaulters must use a pole with a weight rating equal to or greater than their own weight. This method of determining pole stiffness and the weight rating of a pole was developed 50 years ago. In general, it has worked well, but the spans and weight ratings assigned my manufacturers are specific to each manufacturer. The pole is loaded as a beam in this test method. In actual vaulting, the pole is loaded as a column and the resulting deflection of the pole during a vault produces very large deformations of the pole - the pole chord shortens by about 30% of its unloaded length. The proposed test method loads the pole as a column and deflects it to a similar degree that the pole is deflected in a real vault. This is a more valid test method for poles since it more closely reproduces the loads on a pole during a real vault.


    pole vault pole stiffness, pole vault pole weight rating,

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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