ASTM WK43520

    New Test Method for Dye Penetration Testing of Non-porous Materials - Method B

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    1. Scope

    Method B of this test method defines a procedure that will detect and locate a leak greater than 10 micrometer [0.0004 in] diameter in a flat sheet. The flat sheet is placed on an absorbent surface and then a dye penetrant is swabbed across the surface of the sheet, using a small roller to apply pressure to ensure adequate contact between the absorbent surface and the bottom surface of the sample being tested. The flat sheet is carefully removed and the absorbent surface is inspected for staining from the dye. This Work Item will relate to ILS#969.

    This will actually be a revision of the soon-to-be-issued method for channels (Method A). Additional work is needed for the ILS on Method B, so it was felt advisable to issue Method A and continue work on Method B.


    integrity testing; pinhole; dye penetration; flexible barrier packaging

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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