ASTM WK43493

    Revision of E1529 - 13 Standard Test Methods for Determining Effects of Large Hydrocarbon Pool Fires on Structural Members and Assemblies

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    Active Standard: E1529 - 14a

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    1. Rationale

    In a previous ballot, Tom Feit balloted to add new section 16.1.4 to include alternative support conditions, such as the restraint conditions referenced in 5.3.1 (second sentence). For Reference only: 5.3.1 The procedure for testing loaded specimens stipulates that the beam shall be simply supported. Application of restraint against longitudinal thermal expansion depends on the intended use, as specified by the customer. The applied load is intended to be the allowable design load permitted for the beam as determined in accordance with accepted engineering practice. This item received 2 comments (Tamim, Traw) and passed to Main (as item 16) and received 2 negatives (Sloan, Boring) which were both deemed persuasive. It was decided that the ballot will be re-submitted (sub) with grammatical changes to clarify the issue being balloted. Specifically terminology related to .testing of other than simply supported end conditions.


    fire test response; hydrocarbon pool fire; heat flux; temperature; thermal exposure; thermal shock;
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    E05 (14-05)

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