ASTM WK43490

    Revision of E1623 - 11 Standard Test Method for Determination of Fire and Thermal Parameters of Materials, Products, and Systems Using an Intermediate Scale Calorimeter (ICAL)

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    Active Standard: E1623 - 16

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    1. Rationale

    The radiant heaters cited in E1623 are no longer available. Currently, one cannot build an E1623 radiant panel as the standard is currently written. Previous ballots to allow alternate radiant panels have failed due to negative voters requiring that the new panel design produce results within tolerance of previous round robins. It was decided at the June 2014 meeting to maintain the current language so that existing radiant panels still comply (Burner A), and create language for alternate designs (Burner B). A new ICAL apparatus has been constructed using an alternate design of radiant heaters that is very similar to the original radiant heaters cited in E1623. This new design uses radiant heaters that are simply different in size but operate in the same fashion as the original heaters. Each burner is comprised of a plenum space in which the natural or propane gas is injected at a controlled rate by the burners control system. Combustion air is aspirated into the plenum space through the gas and air injection port. This results in an ICAL radiant panel that is slightly different in size from the original design, but meets the heat flux calibration requirement quite well. In order to avoid future episodes such as this (obsolete burners), the exact design of the new radiant panel is not being balloted. Instead, the ballot allows alternate designs of radiant heaters (but maintaining the same burner principle) to be used to build an array of burners (ICAL Radiant Panel) with a specific dimensional limit, as long as the heat flux calibration requirements are met. For clarity, the original language of the radiant panel description is included (section 6.2) with text added to label this as Burner A. The new language for Burner B is in section 6.3. Original sections 6.3 and 6.4 should be re-numbered.


    effective specific heat; effective thermal conductivity; emissivity; heat release rate; ignitability; intermediate scale calorimeter; mass loss rate; oxygen consumption method; smoke release rate; surface temperature; Effective heat of combustion; Effective specific heat; Combustion; Effective thermal conductivity; Emissivity; Equations; Exhaust system design; Fire testing--building materials; Heat release; Ignition--building materials; Infrared pyrometer; Intermediate scale calorimeter (ICAL); Mass loss testing; Oxygen consumption; Radiant heat panels; Smoke release rate; Surface temperature; Thermal conductance/conductivity; Time to ignition (tig);
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