ASTM WK43373

    Revision of F519 - 12a Standard Test Method for Mechanical Hydrogen Embrittlement Evaluation of Plating/Coating Processes and Service Environments

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    Active Standard: F519 - 13

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    1. Rationale

    It has been brought to my attention that the applicability of the new Extended Time Under Load (ETUL) requirement in paragraph 6.3.1 to the optional Incremental Step Load (ISL) test of 11.2 needs to be established. The intent has always been that the optional ISL testing would commence immediately upon the completion of the 200-hr SLT test period and that the load would not be removed from the specimens prior to step loading. This ballot establishes the applicability of ETUL paragraph 6.3.1 to cases where the option ISL test of 11.2 is started after the removal of load from the specimens. This ballot focuses exclusively on the addition of new paragraph 11.2.1. The ancillary paragraphs are included solely as an aide to interpretation of the balloted paragraph. Please restrict comments to the balloted paragraph.


    cleaner; coating; delayed failure; fluids; hydrogen embrittlement; maintenance chemicals; plating/coating; steel; stress cracking; threshold;
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