ASTM WK43277

    Revision of D6919 - 09 Standard Test Method for Determination of Dissolved Alkali and Alkaline Earth Cations and Ammonium in Water and Wastewater by Ion Chromatography

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    Active Standard: D6919 - 09

    Developed by Subcommittee: D19.05 | Committee D19 | Contact Staff Manager


    1. Rationale

    Adding the following analyte of interest; Barium (Ba) Strontium (Sr) and Amines


    alkali and alkaline earth cations; ammonium cation; conductivity detection; ion chromatography; wastewater; wate, Alkaline earths/alkalies; Ammonium cations; Calcium content--water; Cations; Conductivity detectors/detection; Dissolved alkali; Drinking water; Inorganic alkalines; Ion chromatography (IC); Lithium content; Magnesium content--water; Potassium; Reagent water; Sodium content--water; Wastewater testing/treatment; Water analysis;
    Citing ASTM Standards
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    Johnson Mathew

    Draft Under Development