ASTM WK43070

    Work Item: ASTM WK43070 - Revision of C34 - 12 Standard Specification for Structural Clay Load-Bearing Wall Tile

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    Active Standard: C34 - 13

    Developed by Subcommittee: C15.02 | Committee C15 | Contact Staff Manager

    1. Rationale

    ASTM C34 is a standard for Structural Clay Load-Bearing Wall Tile. Section 1.1 (Scope) states This specification covers structural clay load-bearing wall tile. The word tile is used throughout the standard in fifty-eight (58) locations. Four locations were identified where the word tile is inconsistently modified with unnecessary, and potentially confusing, modifiers. This ballot item proposes to delete unnecessary, and potentially confusing, modifiers to the word tile in four (4) locations.


    clay; load-bearing tile; masonry; physical properties; shale; structural wall tile; tile ;
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    Eric Johnson


    C15 (13-02)

    Ballot Item Approved as C34-2013 and Pending Publication