ASTM WK43048

    Revision of B271 - 11 Standard Specification for Copper-Base Alloy Centrifugal Castings

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    1. Rationale

    It is requested that a newly registered UNS alloy C85470 be added to B271. The alloy is intended for general, minimum lead, plumbing valve, fittings and fixture area of application and potable water systems.


    centrifugal castings; copper alloy castings; copper-base alloy castings: Aluminum bronze castings; Brass castings; Bronze castings--specifications; Centrifugal castings--specifications; Copper alloy castings--specifications; Silicon brass (casting); UNS C83600 (cast leaded red brass); UNS C84400 (cast semi-red brass); UNS C84800 (cast semi-red brass); UNS C85200 (cast leaded yellow brass); UNS C85400 (cast leaded yellow brass); UNS C85700 (cast leaded yellow brass); UNS C86200 (cast manganese bronze); UNS C86300 (cast manganese bronze); UNS C86400 (cast leaded manganese bronze); UNS C86500 (cast manganese bronze); UNS C86700 (cast leaded manganese bronze); UNS C87300 (copper silicon alloy); UNS C87400 (cast silicon brass); UNS C87500 (cast silicon brass); UNS C87600 (cast silicon brass); UNS C90300 (cast tin bronze); UNS C90500 (cast tin bronze); UNS C83800 (cast leaded red brass); UNS C92200 (cast leaded tin bronze); UNS C92300 (cast leaded tin bronze); UNS C93200 (cast high-leaded tin bronze); UNS C93500 (cast high-leaded tin bronze); UNS C93600 (cast high-leaded tin bronze); UNS C93700 (cast high-leaded tin bronze); UNS C93800 (cast high-leaded tin bronze); UNS C94300 (cast high-leaded tin bronze); UNS C95200 (cast aluminum bronze); UNS C95300 (cast aluminum bronze); UNS C95400 (cast aluminum bronze); UNS C95410 (cast aluminum bronze); UNS C95500 (cast aluminum bronze); UNS C95520 (cast aluminum bronze); UNS C95800 (cast aluminum bronze); UNS C97300 (cast nickel-silver); UNS C97600 (cast nickel silver); UNS C97800 (cast nickel-silver); UNS C95900 (cast aluminum bronze)
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    Work Item Status

    Date Initiated:

    Technical Contact:
    Robert Solbach


    B05 (14-01)

    Ballot Item Approved as B271/B271M-2014 and Pending Publication