ASTM WK43005

    Revision of D7671 - 10e1 Standard Test Method for Corrosiveness to Silver by Automotive Spark–Ignition Engine Fuel–Silver Strip Method

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    Active Standard: D7671 - 10e1

    Developed by Subcommittee: D02.05.0C | Committee D02 | Contact Staff Manager


    1. Rationale

    Section 5.4 in the current method specifies/requires the use of a silver strip suspension assembly that is capable of suspending the silver strip in approximately the center of the sample-filled test tube during the test, such that the strip is kept in an upright and vertical position.. In section 5.4.1, it states that for Procedure A of the method that the composition of the silver strip suspension assembly can be . . . a cradle of glass, polytetrafluoroethylene or other inert material . . .. There are currently various commercial suppliers that make assemblies out of glass for use in the test, whereas an initial search of commercial suppliers for suspension assemblies made out of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) revealed no suppliers based on industry lab inquiries until one commercial supplier was identified that had been evaluated by several labs as being suitable for meeting the testing need. At the ASTM June 2013 SC5.C meeting, the membership in attendance suggested balloting a sole supplier reference for the PTFE assembly to the method to assist other labs that may wish to use this as an option in performing the method. ASTM allows a sole supplier reference as per the Form and Style manual until such time one or more vendors are identified, in which case, the sole supplier reference has to be removed from the method, since at that time it is considered that such apparatus is commercially available. As such, this ballot item is intended to add the sole supplier language and contact information for where labs may obtain the PTFE silver strip suspension assembly by adding a footnote 5 citation after the polytetrafluoroethylene reference in section 5.4.1 and adding the footnote 5 sole supplier language permitted by the ASTM Form and Style manual.


    automotive spark-ignition engine fuel; corrosiveness to silver; gasoline; silver corrosion; silver strip;
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