ASTM WK42947

    Revision of D3278 - 96(2011) Standard Test Methods for Flash Point of Liquids by Small Scale Closed-Cup Apparatus

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    Active Standard: D3278 - 96(2011)

    Developed by Subcommittee: D01.21 | Committee D01 | Contact Staff Manager


    1. Rationale

    This test method has not been significantly revised since the original development work in the 1970s. Since that time the apparatus has evolved and products used for testing by this method have also changed. In D02 its sister method D3828 has been significantly revised in conjunction with CEN and ISO test method EN ISO 3679 which is currently being balloted. The revision will help the user by covering more modern variants of the apparatus that have been available since 1990. A future ILS will enable the precision to be validated or updated for more current products.


    flash/no flash; flash point; organic peroxides; organic solvents; small scale closed-cup apparatus; Butanol (sec/tert/n); Closed-cup flash point methods; Flash point--liquids; Lacquer; Organic peroxides; Setaflash testers; Varnishes; para-Xylene;
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