ASTM WK42929

    Revision of B312 - 09 Standard Test Method for Green Strength of Specimens Compacted from Metal Powders

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    Active Standard: B312 - 14

    Developed by Subcommittee: B09.02 | Committee B09 | Contact Staff Manager


    1. Rationale

    The standard is due for periodic review. The opportunity will be taken to bring it in line with current form and style and to correct the fact that the captions for the two figures in the standard have been switched. In addition, an option will be added to test bars compacted at a given pressure rather than just at a specified green density.


    constant loading beam device; green strength; PM; powder metallurgy; transverse strength; unsintered compact; Aluminum alloys (tube); Aluminum tube; Compacted metal specimens; Green strength; Metal powders; Rupture/rupture strength; Strength; Transverse rupture strength; UNS A91100 (Wr. alum. alloy)--tube; UNS A93003 (Wr. alum. alloy)--tube; UNS A93004 (Wr. alum. alloy)--tube; UNS A95050 (Wr. alum. alloy)--tube; UNS A95052 (Wr. alum. alloy)--tube; UNS A95086 (Wr. alum. alloy)--tube; UNS A95154 (Wr. alum. alloy)--tube; UNS A96061 (Wr. alum. alloy)--tube; UNS A97072 (Wr. alum. alloy)--tube;
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    W Brian James


    COS (14-05)

    Ballot Item Approved as B312-2014 and Pending Publication