ASTM WK42856

    Revision of E1143 - 05(2010) Standard Test Method for Determining the Linearity of a Photovoltaic Device Parameter with Respect To a Test Parameter

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    Active Standard: E1143 - 05(2010)

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    1. Rationale

    The current test method is written very generally, even though its primary purpose is linearity of PV short circuit current (Isc) w.r.t. total irradiance. However, the common A+B method for checking linearity of Isc vs. total irradiance is not covered. The test method currently purports to be applicable to other linearity tests (in which the line passes through the origin). However, there are cases in which only local linearity may be of interest, and this standard does not address this use case. Finally, the linearity metric for the current test method may be fooled by sufficiently large datasets that are not actually obeying a linear relationship. Thus, the issue of model discrepancy vs. noise in the measured data must be better addressed.


    linearity; photovoltaic device; photovoltaics; testing; Current measurement--solar devices; Electrical performance--solar devices; Illumination--solar devices; Irradiance/irradiation--solar; Light transmission and reflection; Linear changes/linearity; Photovoltaic (PV) power systems; Radiation exposure--solar collectors/analysis; Short circuit measurement; Solar collectors; Solar spectral irradiance; Spectral data--solar devices;
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