ASTM WK42753

    Work Item: ASTM WK42753 - Revision of E1782 - 08 Standard Test Method for Determining Vapor Pressure by Thermal Analysis

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    Active Standard: E1782 - 14

    Developed by Subcommittee: E37.01 | Committee E37 | Contact Staff Manager

    1. Rationale

    This method is due for its 5-year review and includes updates related to the use of larger pinholes to extend the range of the method to lower pressure (based on a recent publication that is now included as a reference).


    Antoine equation; boiling pressure; boiling temperature; differential scanning calorimetry (DSC); differential thermal analysis (DTA); vapor pressure; Antoine equation; Boiling temperature/pressure; Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC); Differential thermal analysis (DTA); Liquids--laboratory applications; Thermal analysis (TA); Vapor pressure (VPx)
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    Ann Brozena


    E37 (13-06)

    Ballot Item Approved as E1782-2014 and Pending Publication