ASTM WK42604

    Revision of A955 / A955M - 12e1 Standard Specification for Deformed and Plain Stainless-Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement

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    Active Standard: A955 / A955M - 15

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    1. Rationale

    Alloy guidance is currently shown in Table 2 Chemical Requirements of Typical Alloys. This table is significantly out of date both in terms of the alloys that are included and the chemical compositions shown. Its placement in the main body of the text creates confusion since the raw material used to produce A955/A955M must meet the chemical requirements of ASTM A276 Table 1. Additionally, Table 2 is not representative of every alloy that could meet the requirements of ASTM A955/A955M. Feedback from specifiers has made it clear that a guidance table is needed in A955. They may not be familiar with stainless steel, the specific alloys that can typically be obtained for concrete reinforcement and whether they are available as plain or deformed bar. They would also like to see the chemistry requirements of A276 without having to purchase an additional specification. Since the chemical requirements cannot be updated until after A276 has been successfully balloted, the two tables may not be in sync. If the table remains in the main body of the text, the chemistries could mistakenly be interpreted as mandatory and the alloys limited to those shown. We propose to resolve these issues by deleting this table from the main body of the text and to instead insert a new revised table as guidance in a non-mandatory Appendix. This table would identify the version of A276 that was referenced when the table was last updated. Additionally, there has been some confusion on the part of specifiers are to how A276 should be used. It strictly governs the chemistry requirements of the raw material used to make products that are compliant with the requirements of A955/A955M. A note was added to explain this.


    concrete reinforcement; corrosion resistance; deformations (protrusions); magnetic properties; stainless steel bars;
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