ASTM WK42547

    Revision of F2220 - 12 Standard Specification for Headforms

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    Active Standard: F2220 - 14

    Developed by Subcommittee: F08.53 | Committee F08 | Contact Staff Manager


    1. Rationale

    It has come to the attention of ASTM members performing testing to ASTM headgear standards that existing headforms manufactured to the earlier version of EN960 (EN960:1994) are not in compliance with ASTM F2220-12 because of the process of digital smoothing between data points published in the current standard. There is consensus among all testing laboratories that it is desirable to have a smooth surface headform and it is also desirable to have test headforms that are in compliance with ASTM F2220 and also with CFR Part 1203, which is the current performance requirement for all bicycle helmets sold in the United States. In order to correct this problem, specific wording has been proposed that will allow for smoothing between the datum points as well as a revised dimensional tolerance that will permit testing laboratories to use existing headforms for ASTM certification and compliance testing.


    headform(s); helmet(s); protective headgear;
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    Terry Smith


    F08 (14-04)

    Ballot Item Approved as F2220-2014 and Pending Publication