ASTM WK42490

    Work Item: ASTM WK42490 - Revision of D6092 - 97(2008) Standard Practice for Specifying Standard Sizes of Stone for Erosion Control

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    Active Standard: D6092 - 14

    Developed by Subcommittee: D18.17 | Committee D18 | Contact Staff Manager

    1. Rationale

    This practice was last approved in 2008 and is in jeopardy of being removed from use. It needs to be updated to conform with ASTM and D18.91 editorial review requirements.


    erosion control; filter/bedding stone; gradation; quarried stone; riprap; standard size designation; Erosion control materials/applications; Filter bedding stone; Gradation; Quaried stone; Riprap; Standard size designation; Stone evaluation/selection;
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    Work Item Status

    Date Initiated:

    Technical Contact:
    Randall Caley


    D18 (13-04)

    Ballot Item Approved as D6092-2014 and Pending Publication