ASTM WK42480

    Revision of C638 - 09 Standard Descriptive Nonmenclature of Constituents of Aggregates for Radiation-Shielding Concrete

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    Active Standard: C638 - 14

    Developed by Subcommittee: C09.41 | Committee C09 | Contact Staff Manager


    1. Rationale

    Rationale for Ballot: The Blue Book Manual for Form and Style of ASTM Standards (Mar 2013 edition) states in Section A7 Terminology: A7.1 Every standard should include a section on terminology A7.1.1 All significant terms that may have a meaning more specialized or more restricted than the common dictionary meaning should be defined within a standard, or the terminology standard should be referenced. Therefore, the purpose of this ballot item is to add a section on terminology as required by ASTM. Renumber sections as required. Only the items marked are being balloted at this time.


    aggregates; boron; concrete; iron; minerals; Aggregate (potential alkali reactivity); Aggregate (radiation-shielding concrete); Boron-containing minerals; Boron frits; Minerals; Radiation-shielding concrete; Terminology--concrete/aggregates/masomry;
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    Fred Goodwin


    C09 (14-01)

    Ballot Item Approved as C638-2014 and Pending Publication