ASTM WK42413

    Revision of F1359 / F1359M - 13 Standard Test Method for Liquid Penetration Resistance of Protective Clothing or Protective Ensembles Under a Shower Spray While on a Mannequin

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    Active Standard: F1359 / F1359M - 16

    Developed by Subcommittee: F23.30 | Committee F23 | Contact Staff Manager


    1. Rationale

    The Department of Defense is sponsoring a project to improve the reliability and relevance of this test method given its application in several end product specification standards. Specific efforts will entail the development of sensors to replace current visual/tactile methods for determining liquid penetration resistance. Additional change will be specified for standardizing the test equipment and procedures for better precision. An interlaboratory test program will be carried out.


    liquid penetration resistance; liquid splash protective clothing; liquid splash protective ensembles; protective clothing; protective ensemble; shower spray test;
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    Jeffrey Stull


    F23 (15-05)

    Ballot Item Approved as F1359/F1359M-2016 and Pending Publication