ASTM WK42298

    Revision of A788 / A788M - 11 Standard Specification for Steel Forgings, General Requirements

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    Active Standard: A788 / A788M - 14a

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    1. Rationale

    Section 14.1 requires that all testing be made at the place a component is manufactured unless otherwise agreed on with the purchaser. In practice, most manufacturers are not equipped to perform all testing at the manufacturing facility. Rather, specialty testing laboratories are contracted to handle such testing. Requiring the manufacturer to have purchaser approval of this approach for every order places an undue burden on both the manufacturer and purchaser. It is proposed that the language of this section be modified to permit testing by organizations designated by the manufacturer without prior purchaser approval.


    general delivery requirements; steel forgingsalloy; steel forgingscarbon; Alloy steel sheet/strip--specifications; Aluminum-coated steel sheet--specifications; Aluminum-zinc alloy-coated steel--specifications; General delivery requirements--steel; Hot-dip processed coatings--specifications; Metallic-coated steel materials--specifications; Steel forgings--specifications; Zinc-coated steel sheet--specifications;
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    A01 (14-03)

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