ASTM WK41869

    Revision of B359 / B359M - 12 Standard Specification for Copper and Copper-Alloy Seamless Condenser and Heat Exchanger Tubes With Integral Fins

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    Active Standard: B359 / B359M - 15

    Developed by Subcommittee: B05.04 | Committee B05 | Contact Staff Manager


    1. Rationale

    There is an alternative process for the formation of enhanced surface tubes that provides significant cold working of the raw material, increasing the collapse strength when tested per ASME Appendix 23. This increase in the yield strength from cold working cannot be included in designs as the standard is currently constructed.


    condenser; copper; copper alloys; heat exchanger; integral fins; seamless; tube; UNS No. C10100; UNS No. C10200; UNS No. C10300; UNS No. C10800; UNS No.C12000; UNS No.C12200; UNS No. C14200; UNS No. C19200; UNS No. C23000; UNS No. C44300; UNS No. C44400; UNS No. C44500; UNS No. C60800; UNS No. C68700; UNS No. C70400; UNS No. C70600; UNS No. C70620; UNS No. C71000; UNS No. C71500; UNS No. C71520; UNS No. C72200; UNS C19200--tube (seamless) for condensers/heat exchangers; UNS C23000--tube (for condensers/heat exchangers); UNS C44300 (admiralty, arsenical)--tube; UNS C44400 (admiralty, antimonial (Cu-Zn-Sn)); UNS C44500 (admiralty, phosphorized (Cu-Zn-Sn))--tube; UNS C60800 (aluminum bronze); UNS C68700 (aluminum brass, aresenical); UNS C70400 (copper-nickel, 5 %); UNS C70600 (Cu-Ni)--tube (for condensers/heat exchangers); UNS C70620 (90/10 Cu-Ni welding rod); UNS C71000--tube (for condensers/heat exchangers); UNS C71500--tube (for condensers/heat exchangers); UNS C71520 (70/30 Cu-Ni welding rod); Aluminum bronzes--specifications; Brass pipe/tube--specifications; Bronze pipe/tube--specifications; Condenser and heat exchanger systems--copper/copper alloy; Integral fins; Seamless Cu/Cu alloy tube--specifications; UNS C10100 (oxygen-free copper)--tube (for condensers/heat exchangers; UNS C10200--tube (for condensers/heat exchangers); UNS C10300--tube (for condensers/heat exchangers); UNS C10800--tube (for condensers/heat exchangers); UNS C12000--tube (for condensers/heat exchangers); UNS C12200--tube (for condensers/heat exchangers); UNS C14200--tube (for condensers/heat exchangers); UNS C72200 (copper nickel)--tube; ICS Number Code 2200; 23.040.15 (Non-ferrous metal pipes)
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    David Styers


    B05 (15-01)

    Ballot Item Approved as B359/B359M-2015 and Pending Publication