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    New Guide for DBA Qualification Test Program

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    1. Scope

    Currently, there is no concise guidance available addressing development of a test protocol for qualifying a coating for Coating Service Level I use, whether for a new coating or an existing unqualified coating. This guide will provide guidance to the user for preparing an appropriate test protocol for qualifying a coating to the respective plants licensing basis. The guide will address the following: 1.Preparing a test protocol a.Need for a test protocol b.Responsibilities for preparation, review, and approval 2.Contents of a test protocol a.DBA testing i.Pressure curve ii.Temperature curve iii.Governing standard iv.Spray chemistry v.Radiation exposure vi.Acceptance criteria vii.Test panels, their preparation, and traceability viii.Coating system requirements ix.Test panel location within the autoclave b.Other Tests i.Chemical resistance ii.Flame spread, smoke generation, fuel contribution iii.Thermal conductivity c.Reporting i.Test panel preparation and coating application data ii.Radiation exposure rate and accumulated dose iii.Inspection of panels as-coated and after radiation exposure with photographic documentation iv.DBA test parameters v.Pressure and temperature recording graphs vi.Inspection of test panels after DBA testing vii.Results of Other Tests 3.Implementation of test protocol a.Overall coordination of testing b.QA requirements and responsibility 4.Evaluation of test report data a.Responsibilities b.Technical review

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    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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