ASTM WK41504

    Revision of D613 - 10a Standard Test Method for Cetane Number of Diesel Fuel Oil

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    Active Standard: D613 - 15ae1

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    1. Rationale

    Determinations of cetane number by test method D613 have historically been made using blends of two secondary reference fuels, U Fuel having a typical cetane number of 19 21 and T Fuel with typical cetane number of 74 76. A necessary consequence of the use of these secondary reference fuels was that the upper regions of the cetane number scale, i.e., from the T Fuel Accepted Reference Value (ARV) to 100, were not available using the current test method, and thus cetane numbers of diesel fuel oils or components (such as gas-to-liquids hydrocarbons) having cetane numbers greater than the ARV of T Fuel could not be determined. It was hypothesized that blends of T Fuel and n-cetane, which is the D613 primary reference fuel having an assigned cetane number of 100, could be used to extend the rating procedure to cover the cetane number range from the T Fuel ARV to 100. This interlaboratory program was therefore undertaken to investigate the suitability of such blends for this purpose.


    cetane number; diesel performance; ignition delay;: Calculated Cetane Index (CCI); Cetane number; Cetane test engine; Diesel engine fuel oils; Diesel performance; Ignition--petroleum products;
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