ASTM WK41221

    Revision of D5767 - 95(2012) Standard Test Methods for Instrumental Measurement of Distinctness-of-Image Gloss of Coating Surfaces

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    Active Standard: D5767 - 95(2012)

    Developed by Subcommittee: E12.03 | Committee E12 | Contact Staff Manager


    1. Rationale

    In 2012, it was discovered in conversations with SUGA that Test Methods D5767 was in need of revision and, because of inattention, was soon to be deprecated by ASTM. That version of the standard was published in 1995 and reapproved in 2004 and it contained three alternate test methods. Each test method was for a different instrument. Two of the instruments are no longer available and the remaining instrumental test method is outdated. After a mercy ballot that you approved in 2012, we undertook to revise the standard. This outdated test method has been updated to reflect current practices, to be in compliance with current standard requirements and ASTMs Form and Style guidelines. For instance, a complete study of precision and bias was initiated, accomplished, and, from that study, the required Precision and Bias statements were created. Additionally, ASTM completed the editorial review of the standard so it is in compliance with ASTMs Form and Style requirements. The results of these works on this test method are presented here for your consideration.


    distinctness of image; gloss; high gloss surfaces; image clarity;
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