ASTM WK41140

    New Specification for Airworthiness Design Standard for General Aviation Aircraft

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    1. Scope

    Based on the current new Part 23 language develop a standard that can be used to meet these requirements set out in the draft Subpart A. Most of Subpart A is self explanatory but there is a need for some standard level language and the basis for the rest of the F44 standards. In particular for 21.1 (b) where it requires the applicant to define the operating envelop of the aircraft. It is also possible that the Subpart A standard will identify all the other standards created by F44 and would be the one document referenced in the FAAs Notice of Availability. The current Part 23 Subpart language cannot be used as it would not meet the current proposed intent of the new Part 23. It is also possible that the Subpart A standard will identify teiring within the rest of the ASTM standards developed under F44.

    This standard is required to introduce a user to the new Airworthiness Design Standards set forth in F44. It will provide the high level standards required to meet the new Part 23.


    Part 23, Subpart A, Airworthiness Desgin Standard

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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