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    New Guide for the Application of General Aviation Design Standards

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    1. Scope

    1.1 How to Select Appropriate Standards to Demonstrate Compliance 1.1 How to Determine Acceptability of a Standard 1.1.1 Aviation Authority Recognition 1.1.2 Type of Project (New Design, Derivative Design, Alteration, etc.) 1.1.3 Applicable Tiering Characteristics Applying to Model or List of Models 1.1.4 Scope of Change 1.2 Applying Standards to Products 1.2.1 New Type Certification Product 1.2.2 Change to Certified Product Post-Amendment Pre-Amendment 1.2.1 Use of Table of Concordance 1.3 Documenting Demonstration of Compliance 1.3.1 Key Characteristics for Tiering

    As the aviation industry moves towards the adoption of a new regulations supported by consensus standards(find word for this) regulation a new set of standards will be put in place and the manner in which a type certification program is planned and completed will change. This standard guide will provide information and guidance on how to use the new standard and apply it. As well as guiding some through the process when applying the standard to an older aircraft certified prior to the introduction of the new Part 23. It would be beneficial to have guidance material on how to use the standards and the process one would take to selecting the right set of standards (assuming there will be multiple standards within F44 and not all would be applicable to a particular design). Information would need to be included on how to apply the standard to a modification of an aircraft certified to earlier versions of Part 23 or even CAR 3. Any information that would help the applicant manage the design certification could be included here.


    Administrative, Airworthiness Design Standard, Guide

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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