ASTM WK40954

    Revision of D4566 - 08e1 Standard Test Methods for Electrical Performance Properties of Insulations and Jackets for Telecommunications Wire and Cable

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    Active Standard: D4566 - 14

    Developed by Subcommittee: D09.18 | Committee D09 | Contact Staff Manager


    1. Rationale

    Review and revise to update


    aging; attenuation; attenuation to crosstalk ratio near-end; attenuation to crosstalk ratio far-end; capacitance deviation; capacitance difference; capacitance unbalance pair-to-pair; capacitance unbalance pair-to-ground; capacitance unbalance pair-to-support wire; characteristic impedance; coaxial capacitance; conductor resistance; conductor resistance unbalance; continuity; conversion loss; crosses; crosstalk loss—far end; crosstalk loss—near end; dc proof test; equal level far-end crosstalk; equal level unbalance attenuation far-end; equal level unbalance attenuation near-end; equal level longitudinal conversion transfer loss (EL LCTL); equal level transverse conversion transfer loss (EL TCTL); fault rate test; humidity; insulation defect; insulation resistance; jacket voltage breakdown; longitudinal conversion loss (LCL); longitudinal conversion transfer loss (LCTL); mutual capacitance; mutual conductance; phase constant; phase delay; phase velocity; shorts test; spark test; structural return loss; transverse conversion loss (TCL); transverse conversion transfer loss (TCTL); unbalance attenuation far-end; unbalance attenuation near-end; voltage surge test ; Aging; Attenuation; Capacitance difference/deviation/unbalance; Characteristic impedance; Coaxial capacitance; Communications; Conductor continuity/resistance; Cross section data/analysis--insulation; D-C voltage test; Defects; Electrical performance; Fault rate; Impedance; Insulated wire and cable; Insulation adhesion//compression//shrinkback; Insulation defects; Insulation resistance; Jacket bonding//notch//peel//shrinkback//slip strength; Jacket voltage breakdown; LCL/LCTL (longitudinal conversion/transfer loss); Melt flow; Mutual conductance/capacitance; Oil immersion; Performance--electrical insulation; Phase delay/constant/velocity; Shorts test; Spark testing; Structural return loss; Telecommunications; Thickness--electrical insulating materials; Voltage surge test
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    Lawrence Ingram


    D09 (13-03)

    Withdrawn From Balloting


    D09 (14-01)

    Ballot Item Approved as D4566-2014 and Pending Publication