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    1. Scope

    ASTM COMMITTEE D18 ON SOIL AND ROCK REQUEST FOR SYMPOSIUM/WORKSHOP FORM Sponsoring Subcommittee or Section: D18.26 Individual Submitting this request: Keith Hoddinott Endorsement signature of Subcommittee Chairman: Endorsement signature of appropriate D18 Vice Chairman: Date submitted to the D18 Executive Subcommittee: 1/30/2013 (x) Proposed as a Symposium resulting in a Special Technical Publication (STP) ( ) use edited typeset format (6 months required for production) (x) use camera-ready format (3 months required for production) ( ) Proposed as a Workshop with publication as follows: ( ) in the Geotechnical Testing Journal as space becomes available ( ) in another technical journal of equivalent standing Identify journal: STP ( ) no publication ( ) no publication but with expanded abstracts (2-4 pp) available at the Workshop Proposed Symposium/Workshop Date(s): January 2014 Committee Week Number of Days: 2 Number of Sessions: 3/day Symposium/Workshop Title: Geological and Environmental Considerations of Hydraulic Fracturing PROCEDURES: Detailed procedures regarding symposia/workshops are listed in Section 4.5e of ASTM Committee D18s Procedures Guide. Please read and comply with these procedures before completing the remainder of this form. In addition, ASTMs HQs Symposia Staff have established certain procedures that must also be followed. These procedures are listed in the Symposium Planning and Publication Guide which will be sent to the symposium chairmen along with a time schedule. RESPONSIBILITIES: First Symposium Chairman *: Keith Hoddinott Co-Chair(s): ??? * The First symposium Chair has the responsibility of working with ASTM Staff in carrying out the following duties in a timely manner: (1) Provide a completed form with all attachments (4 pages) with the endorsement of the Subcommittee Chairman to the appropriate D18 Vice Chairman for submittal to the Executive Subcommittee for action. It is also recommended that the First Symposium Chair attend the D18.90 (Executive Subcommittee) meeting to answer any questions or to clarify any items. (2) If approved, the D18 Staff Manager will initiate the Symposium/workshop planning process and provide a copy of this form and the attachments to the Symposium Manager in HQs. (3) The First Symposium Chairman submits the draft program agenda, one copy of the selected abstracts, and a list of reviewers to the appropriate D18 Vice Chairman for his concurrence and approval. (4) If an STP is planned, the ASTM Committee on Publications representative will also review the draft program agenda, selected abstracts, and a list of reviewers (provided by the ASTM Acquisitions and Review Staff) for agreement with this proposal and standing COP policies. (5) The First Symposium Chairman submits the FINAL program agenda, list of reviewers, and written approval from the appropriate D18 Vice Chairman to the Symposia Manager, who already has the original abstracts. (6) Provide a short written status report on the progress of the symposium to the appropriate D18 Vice Chairman for presentation to the Executive Subcommittee at each Committee week until the STP is published. If no STP is planned, reports are still due after the symposium/workshop is completed. DISTRIBUTION OF DUTIES: Please list the individual who has responsibility for each of the duties below: Main Contact Person: Keith Hoddinott Call for Papers: Keith Hoddinott Program Format: Keith Hoddinott Reviewers List: Keith Hoddinott Abstract Selection: Keith Hoddinott ADDITIONAL REQUIRED INFORMATION (1) Call for Papers - Describe the scope of the symposium/workshop and a list of topics and targeted audience. See Attachment A for space to provide this information. (2) Describe the need for ASTM standards in this area OR need to modify existing standard(2) in Attachment B. ASTM standards are needed in this area due to the lack of coordinated guides and practices in the construction of extraction wells, handling of product and wastes, abandonment of wells, and the consideration of public concern. (3) Describe explicitly and briefly how the symposium will help fulfill these needs in Attachment C. This symposium will serve to bring together regulators, producers, and concerned public entities to frame the perceived and actual concerns with the available technology which can be used to mitigate those concerns. (4) Describe the format/approach the symposium/workshop will take. Check all that apply. (x) Platform presentation (x) Poster presentations ( ) Panel Discussions ( ) Demos Discussions (x) At the end of each paper ( ) At the end of the session ( ) At the end of the symposium ( ) Social function ( ) Other - Please specify (5) Provide a program outline giving a brief description of each session and the number of speakers necessary for an effective program in Attachment D. The goal is for the abstracts to fit the program outline rather than allow the program to be developed by the abstracts received. Papers will be solicited dealing with the following sub-topics: Protection of Groundwater Resources Drilling Methods Abandonment Procedures for Wells Producung sites Non-Producing sites Management and Toxicity of Extracting Fluids Management of Liquid and Solid Wastes Site Restoration (6) Describe how the number of appropriate reviewers (a minimum of 3 per paper) will be located. The list of reviewers is required with the final program and selected abstracts for final approval by the appropriate D18 Vice Chairman. Reviewers will be generated from active D-18 Members and volunteers from: academia; published literature; and the regulatory communities. (7) If the need for reimbursement of travel expenses for selected presenters is anticipated, describe why this need exists*. None * NOTE: D18 does not endorse the policy of reimbursing expenses for any speakers. Approval for any variance in this policy must be approved in advance by the D18 Executive Subcommittee. (8) Other sponsoring organizations: (Note: Sponsoring is defined as having technical approval.) List one contact person from each group along with their affiliation and phone number. Possible: API, EPA, APG, ASCE, ASA (9) Other cooperating organizations: List one contact person from each group along with their affiliation and phone number. TBD (10) Describe the involvement of the organizations listed in 8 and/or 9 above: TBD EXECUTIVE SUBCOMMITTEE ACTION: Approval ( ) Disapproval ( ) Date: ATTACHMENTS (A through D) A. Call for Papers scope, list of topics, and targeted audience (for publicity). B. Need for ASTM Standards in this area. C. How this Symposium/Workshop will help fulfill this need. D. Program outline, description of each session, and number of speakers needed.


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