ASTM WK40492

    Revision of A773 / A773M - 01(2009) Standard Test Method for dc Magnetic Properties of Materials Using Ring and Permeameter Procedures with dc Electronic Hysteresigraphs

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    Active Standard: A773 / A773M - 14

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    1. Rationale

    This revision, which includes a title change, is being proposed to modernize this document. Most hysteresigraphs in use today are computer controlled. A mandatory annex is included which lists the requirements of the software used to control, measure and analyze the results. In addition, the Precision and Bias sections have been revised to incorporate the results of the inter-laboratory study conducted a number of years ago. The title has been changed to harmonize with A977/A977M and to avoid confusion.


    dc hysteresigraph; dc hysteresis; Epstein test; Hall probe; hysteresis loop; permeameter; ring-type specimen; Current measurement--direct-current; D-c magnetic properties; Direct-current permeability; Hysteresis effects; Permeameters (direct-current); Ring test procedures;
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    Millard Masteller


    A06 (14-03)

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