ASTM WK40341

    Revision of F2420 - 05(2011) Standard Test Method for Determining Relative Humidity on the Surface of Concrete Floor Slabs Using Relative Humidity Probe Measurement and Insulated Hood

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    1. Rationale

    The rationale for the revision is to ensure that the test area is mechanically prepared to remove any sealers, curing compounds etc. prior to setting the tests. This will help to allow any moisture to reach equilibrium with the moisture inside the hood faster, giving more acurate results after the minimum 72 hours. In addition the F2420 results are proposed to be %RHs this is so the test results of F2420 can be easily distinguished from F2170 and help avoid any confusion in the marketplace.


    concrete; dew point; entrapped air chamber; equilibrium; flooring; floor slabs; insulated hood; moisture; relative humidity; temperature; thermal insulation; Concrete flooring; Concrete slabs; Insulated hood; Relative humidity (RH);
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