ASTM WK40279

    Revision of D1413 - 07e1 Standard Test Method for Wood Preservatives by Laboratory Soil-Block Cultures

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    1. Rationale

    The development of new wood based materials, including certain wood composites and wood plastic composites, creates some challenges in testing decay resistance. Testing these new materials according to the current version of D1413 may lead to inaccurate test results. Standard AWPA E10 has already been revised to accommodate recommendations with respect to testing wood composites and wood plastic composites.


    cultures; laboratory; preservatives; soil block; Chemical analysis--wood products; Visual examination--wood preservatives; Coriolus versicolor; Decay rates; Fungal influence/resistance; Gloephyllum trabeum; Lentinus lepidus; Polyporus versicolor; Poria placenta; Soil; Soilblock culture testing; Weight loss; Wood preservatives; Conditioning; Wood products;
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    Marek Gnatowski

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