ASTM WK40259

    Revision of E1529 - 10 Standard Test Methods for Determining Effects of Large Hydrocarbon Pool Fires on Structural Members and Assemblies

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    Active Standard: E1529 - 14a

    Developed by Subcommittee: E05.11 | Committee E05 | Contact Staff Manager


    1. Rationale

    Within the Test Method procedures for columns, beams and walls, there are references to alternative procedures for which neither a testing protocol nor endpoint/acceptance criteria is provided within E1529-10. Two of those informational only references are provided as text notes (Notes 6 & 7). The ballot item proposes changing Notes 6 & 7 into new sections: (1) for consistency with the manner in which unloaded columns other than steel is referenced (section 15.2.2), and (2) because Notes 6 & 7 include objectionable mandatory provisions. (ASTMs Form and Style for ASTM Standards states: Notes in the text shall not include mandatory requirements.)


    fire test response; hydrocarbon pool fire; heat flux; temperature; thermal exposure; thermal shock; Beam test; Column tests; Fire-resistant materials/testing; Fire testing--building materials; Fire-test response; Fluid-hydrocarbon-fueled pool fires; Heat flux; Hydrocarbon pool fire; Hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI); Large hydrocarbon pool fire; Structural building materials/applications; Temperature tests--building materials; Thermal shock materials/testing; Walls;
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