ASTM WK40119

    Revision of D4950 - 08 Standard Classification and Specification of Automotive Service Greases

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    Active Standard: D4950 - 14

    Developed by Subcommittee: D02.B0.04 | Committee D02 | Contact Staff Manager


    1. Rationale

    The current standard is due for re-approval in 2013. The designation of the NBR-L elastomer has changed from 2B to 2C and the narrative and tables need updating to reflect this. It was voted in B.04 to make these changes and submit for re-approval. The revisions in D4289 have been approved nem con and now the concomitant changes to D4950 need to be balloted


    automotive grease categories; automotive service grease; chassis grease; multipurpose automotive grease; NLGI chassis and wheel bearing service classification; NLGI grease classification; wheel bearing grease; Automotive service grease; Chassis grease; Classification (standards)--petroleum products; Grease; Lubricating grease--specifications; Multipurpose automotive grease; NLGI chassis/wheel bearing service/grease classification; Performance--petroleum products/applications; Petroleum products--specifications; Wheel bearing grease;
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    Gareth Fish


    D02 (14-07)

    Ballot Item Approved as D4950-2014 and Pending Publication