ASTM WK38223

    Revision of F381 - 11 Standard Safety Specification for Components, Assembly, Use, and Labeling of Consumer Trampolines

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    Active Standard: F381 - 14

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    1. Rationale

    This relates to maximum user weight recommendations. 1.In the current standards the maximum user weight is used for testing (in F381 sections 5.6 and 6.6 ff, and in F2225 Section 6.1). However there is no agreed way of working out what the maximum user weight should be. 2.There is no requirement in the existing standards to tell the user what the maximum user weight should be. This should be rectified. 3.The safety concern at issue is the chance of someone of the maximum user weight undertaking a seat drop and breaking a tailbone on impact with the ground. 4.There exists a problem in the market that when manufacturers specify a maximum user weight, customers tend to buy trampolines based on it, choosing the largest maximum user weight as an indication of the best product. This encourages manufacturers to claim a dangerously high maximum user weight on their product. For safety and consistency a method to determine maximum user weight is needed. 5.The Australian Trampoline standard (AS4989) requires that the maximum user weight should be on the trampoline frame, padding and packaging. The proposal here is not out of line with this. 6.In order to calculate a maximum user weight, a maximum jump height must be assumed. In this proposal it has been estimated that 4ft 11ins (1.5m) is a jump height unlikely to be reached by a user of the maximum weight. 7. (It is noted that the full-deflection loading proposed in this method is likely to be well beyond the static loading test in F381 sect 6.6.3.)


    bed; consumer trampolines; frame padding; gymnastics; institutional trampolines; ladders; mat; roller stands; springs; trampoline; trampoline ladders; warning information; Consumer safety specifications (playgrounds); Sports equipment--specifications; Trampoline equipment/applications--specifications;
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    Keith Alexander


    F08 (14-02)

    Ballot Item Approved as F381-2014 and Pending Publication