ASTM WK38192

    New Specification for Wet-cast Precast Modular Block Retaining Wall Units

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    1. Scope

    This specification covers wet-cast precast modular block retaining wall units cast from first-production, non-reconstituted, concrete, with or without the inclusion of steel reinforcing bars. Concrete used for the production of precast modular block units under this specification shall be ready-mixed concrete or concrete made by volumetric batching and continuous mixing comprised of hydraulic cement, water and suitable mineral aggregates with or without air-entraining admixtures and/or chemical admixtures. The precast modular block units covered by this specification are large, machine-placed block units intended for use in the construction of mortarless modular retaining wall systems.

    Wet-cast precast modular block retaining wall units have been utilized as earth retaining wall solutions since 2000. Currently, there are more than ten (10) private companies based in North America that are actively engaged in licensing proprietary precast modular block retaining wall technology to producers within the precast concrete industry. These efforts have created regional, national and in many cases, international manufacturing and distribution networks for various proprietary versions of this construction technology. Given the acceptance of the construction industry of this technology and its continued rapid growth, an ASTM standard specification covering fundamental quality control and quality assurance methods for this product group is both needed and appropriate. Users of the standard will include precast block producers and distributors, design professionals, construction professionals, government agencies and commercial and residential property owners.


    PMB; concrete block; retaining wall block; modular concrete block; modular block retaining wall; SRW; segmental retaining wall; large block retaining wall; ecology block; returned concrete; waste block

    The title and scope are in draft form and are under development within this ASTM Committee.

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